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Learn German as foreign language at WoW-Center !

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Group lessons

385€ incl. book for 20h

Different programms (min. 20h, or on demand)

Price according to quantity of lessons

Available from only 2 participants !

Fixed appointments, planed on regular basis

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Individual lessons

Various programms of minimum 20h

34,00€/h + book (~20€)

Price according to quantity of lessons

Flexible appointments in agreement with the teacher


Face to face lessons

- For groups up to 6 persons
- For individual lessons


Online lessons

- Possible with group lessons up to 4 persons
- Well adapted to individual lessons
- Larger timerange of possible appointments


Invite a friend and save money 

- Spread the word aroung you
- Find other interested persons to learn German
- Receive a discount price for your training.

German as foreign language: Funktionen
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